Preface: Music and Crossing Bridges among Generations (Zuzana Jurková)

On Bridges and Islands in the History of Ethnomusicology: Some Personal
Reflections (Bruno Nettl)

Ethnomusicological Bridges within and between Six Empires, 1912-14 (Stephen Blum)

Chinese Music across Generations – Case Studies of Conservatory Musicians
in 20th-Century China (Frank Kouwenhoven, Lin Chen and Helen Rees)

Intergenerational Transmission of Romani Musical Knowledge and Skills
in Klenovec and Kokava (Petr Nuska)

“And When We’re Gone It’s Over”: Transmission of Šumava Music and Identity
in the Case of Eduard Hones from Horská Kvilda (Oldřich Poděbradský)

Music Culture of the Podhale Region (Poland) in Ancient and Contemporary
Opinions. The Case of Bartek Obrochta (Tomasz Nowak)

Knee-Fiddles in Poland: Multidimensional Bridging of Paradigms (Ewa Dahlig-Turek)

Performing the Past by Singing? Workshops of Countryside Singing in Poland
(Kaja Maćko-Gieszcz)

Conclusion: Transmission and Transformation of Music Sound, Knowledge, Practice,
and Identity across Generations (David Verbuč)


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Crossing Bridges: Music, Intergenerational Transmission and Transformation


Edited by Zuzana Jurková and David Verbuč

Language editor Valerie Levy 

Reviewed by Lee Bidgood (USA), Marzanna Poplawska (Poland), Speranta Radulescu (Romania), Adelaida Reyes (USA), Zita Skořepová Honzlová (Czech Republic), Thomas Solomon (Norway)


Cover © Pavel Pánek, 2016

Design Antonín Jelínek

Published by Charles University Prague, Faculty of Humanities, 2016


This publication was supported by the The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Institutional Support for Longterm Development of Research Organizations – Charles University, Faculty of Humanities (Charles Univ, Fac Human 2012).


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